Thursday, 8 March 2018

Objects on our Class

Week 5 Term 1 - 2018 - Objects in our Classroom

WALT: name objects in our classroom using Te Reo Maori

Name in English
Name in Te Reo
Free illustration: Computers, Keys, Rays - Free Image on Pixabay ...
Wooden, Chair - Free images on Pixabay
Free vector graphic: Desk, Furniture, School, Table - Free Image ...
File:Empty book.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Library shelf
File:German American Kids Bookshelf.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Pukapuka Puna

Pukapuka Puna
White board
File:Whiteboard with markers.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Papa poari
Free illustration: Ruler, Geometry, Mathematics, Draw - Free Image ...
Free vector graphic: Eraser, Rubber, Red, Undo, Office - Free ...
Free vector graphic: Pencil, School, Stationery, Writing - Free ...
Pene peni
School bag
Free illustration: Backpack, Bag, School, Hike - Free Image on ...
putea kura
Water bottle
Water, Bottle - Free images on Pixabay
pounamu wai
File:BilingualDictionaries.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Sports equipment
Free vector graphic: Iconset, Icons, Sports, Boxing - Free Image ...
Ngā taputapu hākinakina
Dust pan and brush
File:Blue broom and dustpan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Te paraoa paraoa me te paraihe
Desk - Free vector graphics on Pixabay
School hat
Cap - Free vector graphics on Pixabay
Te potae kura
File:Pair of scissors with black handle, 2015-06-07.jpg - Wikipedia
File:Icon Copier.svg - Wikimedia Commons
School bell
Free illustration: Bell, School Bell, Hand Bell - Free Image on ...
Porowhita kura
File:4 Bic Cristal pens and caps.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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School Uniform
Image result for school uniform
Te Kotahitanga Kura

Image result for school shoes
Tuhinga o mua
Image result for students
Image result for Teacher

Image result for wifi
Image result for crayon
Image result for fan
Image result for clock

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Finding out about each other

Finding out about each other

Our class Is doing activities about the 2018 New Zealand Census.

Today we investigated about the languages spoken in our class.
This is what we found out

What languages do I speak?
English, Tongan
What languages do we speak at home?
Tongan, English
How many of us speak Maori?
How many of us speak one language?
How many of us speak more than one language?
16- English, Maori,
Tongan, Ci Maori,
Fijian, Hindi

Friday, 16 February 2018

Paint Ball

Here is one of my first blogs from 2016 that i wanted to repost.

Paint Ball

On Jan\4\2016 we had Paint Ball for my cousin's birthday.
before that day when I heard that we were going Paint Ball, I was very existed. The next morning we got up early and got ready. Then we went off to lock n load Paint Ball. We were the first one to arrive. When the whole family arrived we went to sign up. Then we picked the teams. I was with my dad, my brother, and my uncle. The Paintball instructor came to tell us what to do, he told us how to wear a mask and how to hold a Paint Ball Gun. We were wearing a vest and a mask to keep my chest and face safe. We got in the first round. We made a plan to stay in one little house and shoot the enemy team to win the match. So I went to a little house and shot my oldest bro Sam. We demolish my uncle's team. The next round [round 2] we did not have a plan so I tried to go to the enemy base.  I was laughing so hard that my mask fogged up. My Uncle was chasing me he shot all of his ammo on me but he missed all his shots.I shot him once then I got him on the shoulder. Then the round was over. We won the match. after that, we had a break. Then we went on to the 3 Round. My team was low on ammo so we knew were going to lose. I was staying in the house camping. Soon we lost because we were out of ammo. my uncle and my dad went to go and get more ammo for our team. [final round] on the last round I saw a fake UFO that you can go and hide in. When the round started I ran to the UFO and try to hit my uncle Tom. all my ammo my was all gone. then the rest of our team ran out of ammo. The enemy team came to our base and demolish us. The birthday boy had lots of ammo because his gun was upgraded. He wanted to waste his ammo on my dad, my uncle tom, and my other uncle. They said to walk across because he said “they are just kids”.but when we were shooting them, they end up with lots and lots of sores. When we finished Paintball we celebrated my cousin’s birthday. we sang The birthday Song. Then he blew the candles out and made a wish. He got a ukulele for his birthday presence. We prayed so we can eat.I ate lots of pizza. Then we went home and sleep.


First week of school.

On Wednesday,7th of Feb 2018, we had our first day of school. I feel Happy and Excited because we could go back to school. On the first day,  We had our first swing lesson but Only a few people had togs so only a few people went for swimming. On Friday, We were about to have our amazing water fun day but since the weather was not that good, We did not. have water fun day On Monday, We had our First music class of 2018. We learnt how to play some instrument such as Castanets, Maracas and the Triangles. On Wednesday, PWC (Price Water house Coopers) and Toitoi Came to read to us and give us Toitoi books. On Thursday, We had our first Kiwi sport for 2018. For Our kiwi sports, we had Volleyball. We learnt the Starting position, Passing and severing. At the end we played a little game. You have to severe to your partner (which is on the other side on the net) and if Your partner catches it with out moving your feet, You take a step back. We all had fun Playing Volley Ball.
vImage result for PWC