Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Term 1 Week 5 - Reading Activities

Term 1 Week 4  - Reading Activities for Editors
Text: School Journal Part 3 Number 1, 2006. Giving it a shot by David Tulloch, Pgs 14 - 20
WALHT: We are learning to make predictions using visual cues and our prior knowledge on the topic or title and by reading the text.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.
Read the text and then do the following Activities.


Activity 1 -  Work with your group  - Predict
  1. Read the title of the article and then page by page and make predictions.  ( You could begin like this: “I predict this article is about………”

Activity  2. Read the text with your group and identify the key ideas in the text to help you clarify your predictions.
Activity 3 - Clarify. Make a list of any tricky or new words, phrases or ideas. Clarify the meaning of all these tricky words, phrases and ideas.
Activity 4 - Write down the meanings of all the unfamiliar words you have identified in activity 3
Activity 5 - Questioning and Discussion - What did you learn from this text? What else are you wondering about? (Write your questions down)
Activity 6 - For this activity, you are required to reread the text and find answers to the questions you wrote down for activity 4

Activity 7 - Share your findings on the text by creating a Google presentation of what you have found out.
Summary: Write down the key ideas you will use in your summary
Activity 8 - Share your work on your individual blog.

** Assign individual roles as per the Reciprocal Reading Frames - and swap roles within the group.

Go to page 2 now.  
WALHT: We are learning to make predictions using visual cues and our prior knowledge on the topic or title and by reading the text.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.

Title: Giving a Shot

  1. My Predictions Are: That she is going to keep trying to do what she is doing.

  1. Keywords: Winners, Runner, Bronze, Presenter

  1. Vocabulary and meanings: - Write at least 10  words down and its meaning.
1.Emboss: carve a design on a surface or object
2. Emerge: move out of or away from something and become visible.
3.Infomercial: An advertising film that shows a product.
4.Necessary: Has to be done
5. Unbeatable: Impossible to beat.

  1. My question and answers: Why didn't she share her biscuits with her little sister. Answer: She was greedy and told her sister to get lost  

  1. Summary: My Summary is that she is going to be a great sports woman.

Early Finishers: Fun Time - Create your own word find or Crosswords by using the words you have identified.

Week 5 Activities

  1. Read the article again and then work with a learning buddy to create a Google presentation using Google Drawing on Dance and dance styles - use these as titles for your drawing

Friday, 2 December 2016

Read Activity - One City Two Earthquake

This week my reading group and I were reading about One City Two Earthquakes. My friend and I were Christchurch earthquake. One The first  

one happened in September 2010 and the second one happened in February 2011. The February Earthquake did more damage although the September one had a higher magnitude of 7.1.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Pop and pie (Story Map)

Story Map
Title:Pop and pie

Author: June peka

Characters:Pie, grandpa, and mom

Setting: the story took place outside

Conflict:Pie keeps on picking the cabbage plants of the ground

Resolution: Grandpa built a cage for Pie so he can't get  

Beginning: Grandpa grows gigantic vegetables. Sometimes he evens gets prizes for the biggest vegetables

Middle: Grandpa’s garden was going the right but when his friend vet gave him a magpie, everything changed. Even the magpie took the cabbage plants from the ground

End:So grandpa decided to build a little cage for the magpie so he can’t pull any cabbage plants from the ground.

Thursday, 3 November 2016



I felt tired because the test was very long. I manage to get over that test and blog this
in time.
Screenshot 2016-11-03 at 10.51.42 AM.png

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Story Map

Story Map
Title:Gifs from the sun
Author: John O’Brien
Characters:The man
Setting:The beach
Conflict:The sun can sun burn you
Resolution: He put on sunscreen

Beginning:The sefer was surfing

Middle:The unwelcome things from the sun and the welcome words from the sun

End:The man stop surfing and cover himself

Gifs from the sun

Gifs from the sun

  1. List the welcome and unwelcome gifs from the sun ?: The cold water as the unwelcome gif, and the sun as the  welcome gif.

  1. What would happen if the sun stop shining ?: The world would be very very cold and the sea would be frozen as ice

  1. Explain the ozone layer : The ozone layer is the layer that protects the earth from the sun light. If we did not have the ozone layer people will burn to death

  1. Does the writer protect himself on a
cold day: Yes. Why: because the sea is very very cold . So he needs somewhere warm the stay.

  1. What are the harmful effects UV radiation ?: UV radiation can make you have cancer cells.

  1. Draw a picture of a welcome sun
  2. Untitled drawing.jpg